Parents, Plots, Paris and Print

A week in the life of …

Parents: The strangest call I have ever made. ‘Hum, I’m calling you to just say that, hum, Bella isn’t adopted. […] Yes, I understand you were sure of this and hum, so was your daughter at school today and yesterday, but she’s not. Could you clarify that with your daughter, so that Bella actually believes me?”

Plots: I’ve submitted a short story to a competition. It’s not very good, not polished but oh how much I enjoyed just writing it. I played and played, digging into the deepest darkest basement of my brain. Your heroin can be anyone you want, I was told. So I made her a bit of me and a bit of a horrid (hopefully not me) other woman.  

Paris: Dave (Lawza’s) birthday. I’ve been working hard to raise  extra ££.  Three parts to the present we gave him, wrapped in newspaper:

  • Part 1: Two graphic novels on loan from the library (message = “don’t worry, am not spending any money Mr Spendthrift”)
  • Part 2: Half-price men’s Nivea moisturizer – given to him every year since we met, he’s definitely a metro-sexual but would never actually buy the stuff, but loves it.
  • Part 3: A baguette in aluminium foil. He thought it was a kebab. It could have been. We never buy each other presents. He sees the baguette has been cut open. He opens it. The filling is paper. Eurostar tickets to Paris for the three of us in November.  A long weekend to my birthplace which he has do desperately wanted to share with Bella. Yeah! A present he actually loves.

Print: I’ve started a new weekly column in a small local paper and it’s also online … more fun.

Ballet shoes

And finally, just ‘coz I feel like it, here’s a couple of pics of our movie night with seven of Bella’s friends to watch Ballet Shoes. The DVD arrived when a couple of them were here, we booked it for a few days later, didn’t want anyone feeling left out, before I knew I had eight girls in our tiny living room. Sort of thing I would have never dreamt of doing before but how little labour I put in. I didn’t clean the flat before-hand. I bought quick food on the way home from work, 20 mins before they were arriving. Hey presto. OK, so it was hard to hear the film but I think we all had fun. Balletsshoes3

Bella has asked me if I will be grumpy like this weekend again. I say ‘focused darling’. One weekend. One writing competition. One half-marathon. One new column. One movie date with eight eight-year-olds. One sleep-over. One big daddy birthday. No, I won’t always be stressed like that, like I used to be.

PS – I won’t ever buy popcorn again. I was worried about my burnt home-made popcorn not cutting it. And I saw this super cheap packet stuff. Thought it was the easy option but YUCK. (Apart from the nice one someone brought, phew.)