Having lunch with a window box

Last night, I remembered advice from a brilliant book, The 4-Hour Week by Timothy Ferriss. Whatever your professional life, audit how you spend your time and how you want to spend it. The short of it is that it helps you re-align the little time you have to what you want to spend it on. I’ve found it hard to apply and more than occasionally slip up and think ‘where did that weekend go?’

But last Saturday and today were different. At the weekend, I painted our front window sill with my daughter and her friend. I’m embarrassed to show you how it looked, but here goes, the ‘before’ shot.  I won’t admit how long I’ve had the pot of paint, planning to do it when I have a ‘spare moment’. Old front

Two hours later, the job was done, far from perfect but I think you’ll agree quite a bit better. Two little hours on a Saturday afternoon chatting and singing, talking to the neighbours strolling by.Front nearly there

And today, prompted by a rare ray of sunshine, I took a lunch break away from my computer and did those window boxes I had wanted to revamp all week. It took me thirty minutes and got me back to work with a fresh mind.  I can’t believe I’m writing about window boxes but hey ho, we all change! Have a lovely weekend.

Front with flowers