Rebelling with a paper diary

Tonight, I met a few parents at the school and was shocked to discover that not just one, or two but three of the mothers I know (granted not very well) have given up their jobs. I mean, that is nuts, isn’t it? There was no ‘we’ve given up our job’ clique huddled in a corner. But rather three women revealing their stories to me during three distinct discreet conversations. ‘I’ve done what you did’ whispered one. Diary

On a lighter note, I also discovered that I am not the only one to go off and buy a paper diary as soon as she leaves the full-time full-on office world. Psychologists would probably say it’s obvious, rejecting the crackberry and all that (I never worked somewhere cool enough to give me an iphone). I think it’s sweet. We sit there at the PTA meeting, smiling with our paper diaries and our phones tucked away at the bottom of our bags.

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